Thursday, 23 April 2009

MAXIM's delivery voyage to Alang

Nikolay Prikhodko comments on the Alexandr Lazarev photo on MAXIM GORKIY:
"The last barbecue on the Maxim deck en route to Alang.
Many of this last trip crew had been working on Maxim for many years. It’s amazing how the crew took care of the vessel until her very last moments.
It’s also significant that the ship was delivered to India not by an interim Indian crew (as usually made) but by her permanent Russian-Ukrainian crew (reduced to 33 members) , who loved the vessel and served there for many years, even if since late January the ship didn’t have any relation to Sovcomflot and was owned by the Indians. Had the ship been delivered by the Indians, we would never have any information and photos of her last sailing".
Photograph by Alexandr Lazarev.


  1. Damn, worked on board as ships photographer from 85-89, fantastic time.

  2. Hello Everyone! I only sailed on her once from NYC in Oct. 1975 to the Caribbean. What a great ship -to this day it's very rare for every stateroom to come with a bathtub. Also she only carried 600 passengers -for a 25,000 ton ship AMAZING. I actually was on the voyage where the bomb exploded while we were docked in San Juan. Quite an experience. If the bomb had been placed in a slightly different location I very well wouldn't be here today. I was so happy when it looked as though she'd sail for Orient Line -but the economy killed that idea. It was a shame she couldn't continue as a hotel -but it has to be a big person to handle it. For those who didn't know her well rent the movie Juggernaut -she really is showcased quite well in that film.

    Sail On -Larry