Thursday, 17 December 2009

MAXIM GORKIY in Venice November 2008

MAXIM GORKIY photographed from the deck of the COSTA SERENA, in the port of Venice on 16 November
2008, towards the very end of her cruising career.
Photograph kindly sent by Nick Tallenttire.
Luís Miguel Correia collection


Few passenger cruise ships have had a more dedicated crew than the MAXIM GORKIY.

She had a Russian national crew up to Alang, and never lost the allure of a true flagship.

In fact she was the Flagship of the Soviet Union merchant fleet up to the end and was always carefully maintained.

In September 2008 when I cruised aboard her it was hard to believe she was 39 year old and yet very close to the original form as HAMBURG in 1969.

Photographs taken at Funchal on 1 January 2006.

Copyright photographs by Luís Miguel Correia