Friday, 27 February 2009


The HANSEATIC (I) seen underway at sea was German Atlantik Lines first ship. Introduced in 1958 following an extensive modernization, this ships was so sucessful that in the early 1960s a new replacement ship was planned. So the HAMBURG / MAXIM GORKIY was born and introduced in 1969...
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MAXIM GORKIY in Las Palmas

Now that we have lost the MAXIM GORKIY, it is time to remember this ship looking always imaculate. In this photograph taken in 2008 she is berthed in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Island.
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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

MAXIM GORKIY beached in Alang

Unconfirmed reports have been circulating that the MAXIM GORKIY is being beached today, 24 February 2009 at Alang, India, in order to be broken up, following unsucessful atempts to preserve her in Germany.
Further news from Alang indicate she has not yet been beached but is waiting for the right tide to be so. What a shame this final ride to the beach of doom in Alang will coincide with the 40th anniversary of her sea trials and delivery to Deutsch Atlantik Linie in February and March 1969.
Andreas Buseck photo of the MAXIM GORKIY in Bremerhaven in 2008.
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Front cover of a brochure published in 1972 by Deutsche Atlantik Linie covering cruises marketed to the German market and operated by HAMBURG and HANSEATIC.
The second ship is pictured in the cover.
It was the final year of joint operation by both ships as in 1973 the HANSEATIC was sold to Home Lines and later on that December the HAMBURG, by then renamed HANSEATIC (III) was withdrawn from service and put on for sale. This brochure was sent by the company from teir Hamburg office with post cards in 1972.
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Friday, 20 February 2009

Germany's most modern cruise ship

The short 5-year career of the T.S. HAMBURG under Deutsche Atlantik Linie management is a proud one the ship being actually the largest German cruise ship following the sale of the BREMEN ex-PASTEUR to Chandris Cruises. And she was all the time "Deutschlands modernstes Kreuzfahrtschiff", the most modern German cruise ship...
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T.S. HAMBURG cruises 1972-1973

Two great cruises operated by the HAMBURG: the New Year's cruise with departure from Cuxhaven on 27 December 1972 and a call in Funchal, Madeira for the New Year's famous fireworks on 31 December, and the Great South Seas and Far East cruise from Los Angeles on 29 March 1973.
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MAKSIM GORKIY on 7 November 1984

The MAKSIM GORKIY arriving Lisbon early in the morning of 7 November 1984 in order to dock at Rocha Cruise Terminal. At this time the Soviet Union Merchant Navy flagship was chartered to Neckermann, cruising for the West German market. She still had the black hull line from her original livery as HAMBURG. It was repainted red in 1989.
Copyright photographs by Luís Miguel Correia

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

MAXIM GORKIY off Lisbon 8 May 2006

At anchor off Lisbon on 8 May 2006.

Copyright photographs by Luís Miguel Correia

MAXIM GORKIY in the Tagus 8 May 2006

The MAXIM GORKIY anchored in the river Tagus, off Trafaria while on a call to Lisbon on 8 May 2006.
As there were no berths available, the GORKIY had to stay at anchor and ferry the passengers ashore by tender.
Copyright photograph by Luís Miguel Correia

Monday, 16 February 2009

MAXIM GORKIY 27 December 2005

My friend Holger informs that "Today is the big day of the final countdown for the MAXIM GORKI / HAMBURG. Today there is a meeting between the investors and the people of the city Hamburg.
I hope they find a positive end of this never ending story. The chance to buy this ship is ending today at 15:00. I hope, we'll bring our lady home."

So let's all wish a positive ending to the efforts now underway in Germany, and in many other countries also, in order to give the German / Russian lady a much deserved reprieve.
And I want to visit Hamburg again and be able to stay aboard the Hotel-Schiffe HAMBURG...
The picture shows how the MAXIM GORKI looked alongside Lisbon in December 27, 2006, fresh from her refit and new livery.
Copyright photograph by Luís Miguel Correia

Saturday, 14 February 2009

MAKSIM GORKI arriving Lisbon on 23-05-1990

The MAKSIM GORKIY arriving Lisbon early in the morning of 23 May 1990 spotting the radar antenna added to the bow after the summer 1989 accident in the Artic.
Copyright photograph by Luís Miguel Correia

MAXIM GORKY arriving in Lisbon 27 December 2005

During her December 2005 refit in Hamburg, the MAXIM GORKIY was repainted in Phoenix Reisen colours, and afterwards she called in Lisbon on 27 December 2005 while on a Christmas and New Year's cruise, when I took these photographs.
The pictures show the arrival in high tide approaching the Rocha Passenger Terminal.
A Christmas tree can be observed on top of the signals mast.
Copyright photographs by Luís Miguel Correia

Friday, 13 February 2009

MAXIM GORKIY at sea 1993

Two magnificent aerial photographs of the MAXIM GORKIY underway in the Dover straits taken in 1993 by FotoFlite, showing the good looks of the former HAMBURG.
The funnel spots the Russian red and blue colours that were replaced in December 2005 by the Phoenix Reisen logo.
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The MAKSIM GORKIY changed her soviet registry to the Bahamas while in Lisbon on 24 December 1991.
She was doing the usual Christmas & New Year cruise with German passengers under charter to Phoenix Reisen and I was able to take this unusual photo showing the new port of registry "NASSAU" and the ship's name still in cyrilic characters.
Copyright photograph by Luís Miguel Correia

Thursday, 12 February 2009

The HAMBURG at sea

The HAMBURG steaming up the Dover channel in German Atlantik Linie colours on a black & white photograph by Skyfotos.
The HAMBURG looked at her very best in those original colours with the traditional red funnel with the hanseatic logo and black hull line.
Luís Miguel Correia collection


Two photos of the former HAMBURG in Funchal, Madeira with other classic passenger ships by Luís Filipe Jardim: the MAKSIM GORKIY in late Soviet livery with red hull line in the 1980s with former P&O liner CANBERRA and a decade later as MAXIM GORKIY, with Russian post-soviet colours and the VISTAFJORD in Cunard livery.
The HAMBURG was a frequent visitor to Funchal, Madeira Island under German, Soviet and Bahamas registries over the years.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

T.S. HAMBURG cruising in Japan

The brand new HAMBURG photographed in Japanese waters while cruising in the Far East. Photograph sent by my friend Y. Fukawa.
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MAKSIM GORKIY leaving Lisbon in 1987

Two b&w photos of theMAKSIM GORKIY departing from Lisbon on 13 June 1987 while cruising under charter to Neckermann
Copyright photos by Luís Miguel Correia

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

MAXIM GORKY arriving in Lisbon 25 May 2008

Final visit of the MAXIM GORKIY ex-HAMBURG in Lisbon on 25 May 2008. The first call as HAMBURG was on 2nd May 1969 on the return leg of the inaugural cruise to South America and West Africa. Also seen in the photo is the former HADAG passenger ship TRAFARIA PRAIA.
Copyright photo by Luís Miguel Correia

MAXIM GORKY in Lisbon 25 May 2008

The MAXIM GORKIY berthed at the Alcântara Passenger Ship Terminal on her final call in Lisbon, 25 May 2008.
The veteran passenger car ferry EBORENSE, built in 1954 is crosing the river Tagus from Cacilhas to Belém.
Copyright photo by Luís Miguel Correia

Monday, 9 February 2009


A family portrait from the Deutsche Atlantik Linie days with fleet mates HAMBURG and HANSEATIC calling at St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands while cruising in the Caribbean.
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Print this form and add as many names as possible.
Send it back to
Dr. Andreas Busecke

For our English speaking friends, please put your name, surname, address, and mark the place you would like to have the T.S. HAMBURG choosing one of the two enter lines...

Please help to persuade the municipal authorities of Hamburg that the «MAXIM GORKIY» former «T.S. HAMBURG» has to go back home to Hamburg! Click to open the above file to print it, collect signatures for the petition and send it back to DR. ANDREAS BUSECKE to his fax nr. (+ 49) 4921 32922. It is URGENT, the ship is expected to arrive to India TODAY!!! Thank you!!!

T. S. HAMBURG preservation project


  • Hamburg Port Authority: (+ 49) 40 – 42847 – 2325
  • Senatskanzlei Hamburg: (+ 49) 40 – 42831 – 2820
  • CDU-Bürgerschaftsfraktion: (+ 49) 40 – 42831 – 2603
  • Ole von Beust, 1. BM: (+ 49) 40 – 42831 – 2403
  • Axel Gedaschko, Wirtschaftssenator: (+49) 40 – 42841 – 1620
  • Hans Lafrenz, CDU: (+49) 40 – 8971 21729
  • Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg, HafenCity Hamburg GmbH: (+49) 40 – 37472626
  • Hamburg Cruise Center, Herr Dirk Moldenhauer: (+ 49) 040 – 30979889
  • Hamburg Marketing GmbH: (+49) 40 – 4111 10615
  • Radio Hamburg: (+49) 40 - 33 97 14 – 628
  • NDR Fernsehen: (+49) 40 – 447 602
  • Hamburg 1 Fernsehen: (+49) 40 – 41442 – 444
  • Hamburger Abendblatt: (+49) 40 – 347 261 – 10
  • BILD Hamburg: (+49) 40 – 347 – 23474
  • Hamburger Morgenpost: (+49) 40 - 80 90 57 – 284
  • Die Zeit: (+49) 40 - 3280 – 5003
  • Die Welt: (+49) 40 - 34 72 45 21

Sunday, 8 February 2009

MAKSIM GORKIY brochure issued by Neckermann in 1985

The MAKSIM GORKIY was the Soviet Union flagship of their passenger ship fleet but spent most of her long career cruising under charter to the German market. She made her first cruise for Neckermann on 21 December 1975 and remained under charter to them until 1988.
Front cover of the cruises brochure issued by the German tour operator Neckermann in 1985 with the MAKSIM GORKIY in the Norwegian Fjords.
Luís Miguel Correia collection