Tuesday, 24 February 2009

MAXIM GORKIY beached in Alang

Unconfirmed reports have been circulating that the MAXIM GORKIY is being beached today, 24 February 2009 at Alang, India, in order to be broken up, following unsucessful atempts to preserve her in Germany.
Further news from Alang indicate she has not yet been beached but is waiting for the right tide to be so. What a shame this final ride to the beach of doom in Alang will coincide with the 40th anniversary of her sea trials and delivery to Deutsch Atlantik Linie in February and March 1969.
Andreas Buseck photo of the MAXIM GORKIY in Bremerhaven in 2008.
Luís Miguel Correia collection

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  1. You have little mistake about "Maxim Gorkiy"... It beached 25, not 24 february. Look at photo taken few minutes after beached (right upper corner of display) (I mean date) http://photofile.name/users/wolf_and...1084/83303817/

    All this pics ( http://photofile.name/users/wolf_andrej/3701084 ) I recieved from crew member who was onboard at his last way to Alang...

    And I have story about this trip, but in Russian: http://wolf-andrej.livejournal.com/4133.html