Thursday, 23 April 2009

Captain Yakimov - Final Master of MAXIM GORKIY

"A 60-year old, the last Master of MAXIM GORKIY - Vladimir Prokofyevich YAKIMOV photographed by Alexandr Lazarev in the captain’s cabin during the last trip to Alang.
Captain Yakimov was master of MAKSIM GORKIY since 1998 doing mostly the world cruises. He shared command with Captain Aleksandr Nosko."
Report by Nikolay Prikhodko who kindly provided this group of 9 photos taken on board MAXIM GORKIY's final trip to Alang and destruction.

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  1. If you are interesting you can look in my LiveJournal where crew tell stories obout this last way but it's in Russian... And look more photos