Saturday, 20 June 2009

My dearest maxim
My lovely designed ship,
When i would not see you again, know this :
It has been an incredible journey,
I do not need to tell you :
Lets be friends,
I do not need to tell you :
Please write to me again,
One day, we have travelled through costa rica by train,
And you have awaited faithfully till we arrived,
At the other end of the ocean,
Yes, this you have always done so brilliantly,
Proud and beautifully and especially so incredibly proud,
I have noticed that you looked secretly into the sea,
To see your reflection and to see
How beautiful you still are after all these years,
If i do not see you any more,
We have grown older, both you and me,
If i do not see you any more, whom would i ever miss?
When you are no longer around,
It is time to say goodbye,
You have known me far to well, my friend,
We both have known this,
One day it is time,
When I do not see you again,
It is hurting me,
Very much indeed,
And so both we die a little,
More and definite,
But know this,
As a little child I ll always be grateful,
Thinking about you,
Dreaming about you,
And I ll see you sail on
Crossing all worlds oceans,
With your graceful front
Proudly facing the oceans wind!
Thank you maxim,
Thank you so much,
And you take care, You hear! Take care!

Patrick Gysemberg painter – artist for a better world


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  1. Poem and paintings in honnour of the MAXIM GORKIY by Belgium artist Patrick Gysemberg